A lightbulb moment....

When you decide you want to raise money for a cause or a charity close to your heart but have no idea how to go about it!


Charities rely on fundraising to continue to support their cause.  National charities have experienced fundraising teams who continuously organise events over the business year to meet their fundraising goals.  Smaller charities rely on donations and individuals undertaking personal challenges to raise money for them on their behalf.  Schools rely on the PTA to arrange fun activities that make the childrens' education more interesting and fun.

.......So where do you start?

1. Set clear goals

How much do you need to raise?  Once you set this your volunteers will have something to aim for and are unlikely to stop until this goal is reached.

2. Choose the right fundraising activity

Time is the most important factor, if you are required to raise money by a certain time  you need to consider what can be achieved in this period.  Can tickets be sold in time? is an outside activity appropriate in winter? what has been successful in the past?

Also, what is your local community receptive to? have big events been less successful than more personal events such as a bake sale in the local school or a charity run around the village?

3. Can you enlist the support of local businesses?

Local businesses are very important to fundraisers, they can help you advertise your fundraiser and/or donate their service or product for your raffle (if applicable).  They can also help with donating any equipment you may need for the day.  Local businesses often want to build good relationships with their community and show they are willing to support charitable causes. This positive public relations for them and will raise their profile in the community.

4. Make your fundraiser relevant?

Be aware of the charity you are raising money for and ensure your fundraiser is something that they would be happy with.

5. How will you advertise your fundraiser?

The more people who are aware of what you are doing and when = more money raised on the day.

Social media - one of the most powerful marketing tools today, set up a Facebook page dedicated to your event. Advertise on twitter and people will re-tweet your advert.

Local School - Ask the local school to use parent mail to advertise your event, this will reach all the parents who have children attending the local school.

Local businesses - Ask them to advertise via their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and where applicable put up posters. 

Marketing Materials  - Colours Fashion Shows design and print the posters and tickets for you. If you need to print or design your marketing material and you don't know how to go about it ask someone you know to do it for you.  It may be a friend of a friend or a local graphic designer.  Most of the time people will do this for you free of charge, it's hard to charge someone who is giving their time to raise money for a good cause.

Finally....always remember why you are doing this.  Fundraising can all consuming and, at times, quite stressful especially when the date is nearing.   You may even regret starting it in the first place. With this said the rewards far outweigh the hard work. You are giving back in an amazing way and the charity/cause/person you are fundraising for will be eternally grateful for your efforts.