The Space Centre Preston

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MARCH 2017

About the Space Centre

The Space Centre offers a totally flexible environment for families, carers, therapists and teachers which:

Allows freedom for clients to move in safety

Builds confidence and motivation increasing learning potential.

Provides a world of sensory stimulation and enables assessment of sensory abilities by presenting one stimuli at one time and excluding unnecessary distractions.

Encourages relaxation in a calm and controlled atmosphere.

Gives the opportunity for those who are wheelchair bound to be out of their chairs and experience different positions.

Enables life skills to be developed through structured and educational programs using switch work to give control to the client.

Encourages communication skills and choice making.

Hundreds of groups and individuals visit each month, including special schools, respite care homes, family bookings, play-schemes, parent support groups, after school clubs and also day centres and community homes who cater for young people and adults with physical and learning disabilities.

The Space Centre can cater for people with a wide range of disabilities.  The centre has 3 sensory rooms, beautiful gardens, a cafe area and two changing Place rooms so all needs can be catered for.

The Space Centre relies on the generosity of the public to remain open and purchase and maintain their specialist equipment.